Coronavirus Information

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COVID-19- the return of children to the setting- 1st June 2020 (pdf)


Brigade hall and Welldon Park School

Brigade Hall

 Providing a drop off and pick up service to and from schools.

Our Morning and after school club runs through term time.

Includes breakfast, 4pm light snack and 5pm main snack

Welldon Park Infant and Junior School

Providing Morning and After School care for children who attend Welldon Park Infant and Junior School

Holiday Club

Our Holiday club runs through all half terms and summer holidays. 

We make Holidays extra fun and enjoyable by taking our children on trips and have out house companies come in to the setting to keep the little one entertained, this includes keeping active sports academy. 

Breakfast, 10:30am snack, 2:30pm snack and 5:00pm main snack is provided but pack lunch for holiday sessions is required.


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